Hello Sara,

You called me shortly after I purchased PRIME's new .300 BLK ammo and told me I could email you with feedback.

I took the ammo out to the range this past weekend and had great results. I was shooting it out of a brand new BCM 9" rifle and had just slapped a Vortex PST 1-4 on top of it. PRIME's .300 BLK were the first rounds down the tube, after about 15 or so rounds I had it dialed in at 50 yards. My best grouping was right at MOA and I have attached a picture of that grouping. The ammuntion was clean and I had zero hiccups. I will certainly be purchasing not only this ammuntion in the future, but also ammo in your other calibers.

Thank you for the phone call just after purchase, it impressed upon me great customer service! I also recieved a call from the owner Jim, he asked that I call him back with feedback, however I was unable to reach him on his phone. If you could foward him this email that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again, I look forward to shooting PRIME Ammo in the future!

Justin Carr

PRIME's New .300 Blackout in BCM 9" Rifle