Jim and Sam,

I wanted to send a note to you about my pleasure in shooting PRIME Ammunition 6.5 Creedmoor Ammunition. I am a member of the Rainier Arms Precision Rifle Team. Ken Hagen at H&H Precision manufactures the rifles I use on the team. It's extremely difficult for me to maintain my skills due to the time constraints of being a business owner and rifle coach. I coach kids in Olympic small-bore rifle and Air Rifle. My daughter Amanda actually went through college (Ohio State) and the Olympics 2012 (women small-bore) and was an alternate on the team in 2008, Women's Junior and Open National Champion. I understand the importance of consistent, reliable ammunition.

Time is what kills me, but to get the necessary precision, I need to spend many hours at the reloading bench. I simply did not have the time, until if found Prime Ammo! I'm giving up on reloading and starting to use your excellent ammunition, now I can train and compete with the precision I need, at a price I can afford. I don't think I can squeeze any more accuracy out of my 6.5 Creedmoor than what you have done for me. Above you will find the picture of the results this weekend. That second picture the group is slightly above a stick pin. There were actually five separate groups, all touching, I didn’t want to post them all. The Standard Deviation was 8!

Here is some of my bio, you didn’t ask for it but it helps define the shooter, I guess.

  • Former army paratrooper (infantry)
  • First post-Vietnam Sniper school graduate (I think it was the first)
  • National Guard Rifle coach (former)
  • Oregon National Guard High Power Rifle Coach
  • NRA High Master Long Range
  • NRA High Master F-Class
  • Member Army Sniper Association
  • Spokane Rifle Club Junior coach and former chairman.
  • Member of the Rainier Arms Precision Rifle Team
  • Team Loud and Proud on the TV show, Long Range Reality.

Take Care,

Michael Furrer